The Big Boat to Bye-ByeThe Big Boat to Bye-Bye

Still in print! Who knew?

This is the sequel to Drop Dead, My Lovely, the first of the Pete Ingalls mysteries. In this one, Pete (who is hard-boiled, fearless, and wrong about everything) and his assistant, Ms. Stephanie Constantino (who is mouthy, quits at the drop of a hat, but has a good mind for solving cases) go to work for a producer of a children’s tv show featuring puppets.

It seems that some bad person has got hold of a reel consisting of sexytime hi-jinx between the puppets (simulated acts of coitus, filthy language, etc.), enacted and shot as a goof during downtime on the set, and most def. not suitable for public viewing.

The idea is blackmail—pay the ransom, or the video goes public and the show will be destroyed. Then one of the principles in the story wakes up dead, and maybe it’s not so funny any more. (Although it is.)

There’s a weird sub-plot, a somewhat ludicrous sex scene (between humans), and some interesting stuff about the making of puppet television shows.

You don’t have to have read the first Ingalls book to enjoy this one. Really. Buy Me!