How to Raise a Jewish DogHow to Raise a Jewish Dog

The funniest book ever written. Okay, the funniest dog book ever written. Okay, the funniest dog book published in 2007 ever written.

The result of years of theory and practice as developed by the Rabbis of the Boca Raton Theological Seminary (floors 21 and 22 of Ocean Vista Condos), this is the intelligent, enlightened, and very nice alternative to the bullying and scary technique of people like Cesar Milan, that hoodlum.

The Rabbis, working in the religious-people-training- dogs tradition of the Monks of New Skete (http://, hew closely to one central dog-training principal: to raise dogs the way they were raised, as Jewish children, in the 1950s and 1960s.

Thus, we have a chapter on “The Relationship Between You and Your Dog,” which emphasizes the importance of developing a neurotic co-dependent bond with the animal. And we have a chapter on “The Jewish Dog’s Physical, Psychological, Mental, and Emotional Health,” because truly, as long as you (or your dog) have your physical, psychological, mental, and emotional health, you (and your dog) have everything.

With many photographs of pre-Jewish and Jewish dogs, pictures of the Rabbis themselves, and a great chart of New Crossbreeds Created Specifically to Be Raised Jewish (e.g., Saint Bernard + Alaskan Malamute = Bernard Malamute). Buy Me!