The Joy of WorryThe Joy of Worry

As Mark Twain said, or at least could have said, “Everybody worries about worry, but nobody does anything about it.” Well, those days are over. In The Joy of Worry, I show you not only how to do something about, but how to do something with it. I show you how to harness the worrying you would normally do anyway, in the service of improving your love life, your finances, your parenting, your driving, and your career, and even how to lose weight.

It sounds improbable, doesn’t it? You may be thinking, “Hey, wait a minute. Why should I buy several dozen copies of this book for myself and my loved ones just because the author says so? He doesn’t care about me! What if its advice and instructions and time-tested techniques prove ineffectual?”

Good job! You’re already worrying—lavishly, needlessly—and that means you’re off on the right foot. Hold that thought, open your (legitimately purchased)copy of The Joy of Worry, and fret your way to a happier and more prosperous, albeit over-wrought and distressed, you!

With cover and illustrations by world-class worrywart Roz Chast.

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