Yiddish With Dick and JaneYiddish with Dick and Jane

You know them and you love them, or at least you vaguely remember them or have heard of them, and condescendingly tolerate them: Dick and Jane, the brother-and-sister team that starred in a somewhat unforgettable series of childhood books in which they had fun and did things.

Well, guess what. Dick and Jane are all grown up. They’re married now—no, not to each other; that would constitute incest—and they have children of their own. Father, alas, is no longer with us, but Mother is alive and kicking—and having a stroke, too, which occasions the return of sister Sally (from San Francisco, where she teaches transgressive feminist ceramics). Sally is the only member of the family to make it out of the imaginary Nice Town where Dick and Jane live, and the only one who has actually encountered the real world.

Oh, and one more thing: Dick, Jane, Mother, Sally, the narrator—everyone speaks Yiddish! Can you imagine?

Maybe you can’t, but thank God you don’t have to. We can, and did. And, nu, what else? We made it into a book already, a parody of the Dick and Jane primers, complete with charming watercolor illustrations, scenes of homosexual kissing and marijuana use, and a helpful, still-fairly-topical glossary in the back, explaining the meaning of such words as schmooze, putz, ibbledick and nu.

This was the book that landed us on the L.A. Times Best Seller List.This was the book that got us (and Little, Brown) sued by Pearson UK. This was the book that inspired the Vidlit (www.vidlit.com) that went around the world and triggered literally a million hits.

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